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Tailored Courses & Workshops

all Courses and Workshops Can be DELIVERED ONLINE OR FACE-TO-FACE 

tailored Courses

that can enable the your workforce strategy.

One of the keys to your future success is being able to adapt and change with the times.

At McMillan, we remain 100% flexible and responsive to support the needs of your staff and, as a preferred supplier to Government, ensure that everything we do and offer aligns with the future action plan and APS strategy towards 2025.

McMillan RTO - Best RTO IN Canberra
APS Courses

Attract, build and retain skills, expertise and talent

We offer solutions that promote the APS as the employer of choice and over the last 30 years have forged a strong partnership with many Departments.

APS Courses

Embrace data, technology and flexible and responsive workforce models

McMillan was one of the first training organisations that introduced online courses learning to the APS which enabled workforce flexibility.

APS Courses

Strengthen integrity and purposeful leadership

We started developing leaders in the APS over 30 years ago and continue to this day to offer course that upskill Managers and senior leaders to manage the needs of the APS.

We've trained Staff
In The Private and The Public Sector.

McMillan has taught thousands of Staff over the last 30 years, which has meant we accumulated an enormous amount of insight into the different roles, levels, and required learning.

Communication Skills Workshop
Service Delivery

We have extensive experience in training Contact Centre Staff and Program Delivery Managers.

Preparing Your Job Application
Compliance & Regulation

Over the last 30 years, we’ve trained hundreds of APS Border Force Officers and Investigators.

McMillan RTO - Best RTO IN Canberra

Our Certificate 3, 4 and Diploma have been extremely popular with the APS Administration staff.

McMillan RTO - Best RTO IN Canberra
Project & Program

McMillan was one of the first RTO’s to offer specific courses to support this APS role. 

Career Coaching Services
Strategic Policy

Throughout our 30 year relationship, we have trained many APS 6, EL 1 and EL 2 roles. 

Meeting Skills Workshop
ICT and Digital

McMillan was teaching APS staff the importance of security when the word Cyber wasn’t a thing.

Interested In Traineeship
Accounting & Finance

Over the years, we have trained a countless number of APS Finance Pre-Management and Management.

Building Relationships Workshop
Human Resources

Some of our closest relationships are with APS HR as we work together to educate others.

Certificate IV In Government
Legal & Parlimentary

Soft skills workshops, Certificate courses and Diplomas have all been taught within this APS Division.

Our approach To Developing Courses.

Every Agency is different, and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our preference has always been to sit down and develop a solution to a need, enabling us a higher probability of quality of education.

Tell Us Your Need & let's agree on a plan.

Our initial phase is to meet, discuss your goals, introduce you to what we have and agree on a scope of works.

Certificate IV in project management
Course Material To Be Jointly Developed.

Next phase is to develop the course material and we seek your involvement as a true partner.

Certificate IV in project management
Co-Branded Training Delivered.

Final phase is the delivery of all course material as per agreed schedule, timeframe and options.

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Tailored Courses

The best way to increase employee contribution.

McMillan can tailor all our courses to leverage technology to build a thriving learning culture.

Diploma of Government

We support the Private Business and APS Departments to lead with best practices and not settle for regular training.

We can work with you to design highly relevant content for your team.

We don’t want someone to just ‘Go On A Course”, we seek for you to create raving fans, so they confirm that your new learning ecosystem is valued. 

From entry-level to senior management roles, we have 30 years of experience to help create a strong value proposition for your people.

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