We Offer Tailored Career Support Services

We can tailor various Career Support Services to assist your staff.

McMillan's Career Support services can assist with job promotion & career advancement.

Career Support Services can support people with career advancement choices and specifically focus on three areas;

1, Resume Preparation – Is it Impressive?

2, Response Documents – Is it memorable?

3, Interview Skills – Is the person confident?

We offer a service to individuals and work with APS Departments to design career support programs where their staff can call us at anytime.

We can customise our Career Support Services

Please feel free to peruse our offerings, and let’s connect to discuss how we can assist you.

3 Tactical Reasons Why APS Departments Take Up Our Career Support Services.


Evidence That You Care

Offering confidential services to all employees enables them to have the confidence to seek assistance outside of engaging Human Resources. 


Attract Best Talent

Career support services will sway the best talent to be attracted to a culturally progressive Department, making a difference in securing new employees.


Increase Staff Engagement

Career Support services support the staff to earn more income, promote job certainty and job security. Overall, it’s a critical enabler of staff engagement.

We recommend that all APS Departments offer confidential career support services and open courses.

You will find that some staff seek a personal experience and seek a personalised approach. In contrast, other staff may seek to complete a course and be comfortable self-educating.

Confidential Career Support Services.

The below services are offered to employees that seek to remain confidential and would call McMillan Head Office directly. 

Phone Support

We're more than happy for your staff to call our office and discuss any questions they may have.

Email Support

Your employees can send us an email, and we can answer any of their questions.

Coaching Support

We are more than happy to provide career coaching services to your employees.

Career Support Courses.

We offer APS Departments the choice of co-branding a dedicated career support masterclass that McMillan can deliver in 3 ways.

Onsite Workshop

We can attend your location and teach in a classroom setting.

Online Virtual Masterclass

Invite your staff to meet us online via Webex, Zoom or Teams.

Self Paced Course

We provide access to our popular Career Support Masterclass.

What We Teach?

Let’s take a quick look at what we teach within our workshops, virtual workshops and online masterclasses. 

Module # 1
How to prepare the perfect resume?

At the end of this Masterclass, staff will understand recruitment process and have the tools, tips and techniques to prepare a professional resume.

Module # 2
How to prepare your response document?

At the end of this Masterclass, staff will understand why covering letters are critical and how to leverage our tools and tips to create an impressive response.

Module # 3
How to prepare well for you Interview?

At the end of this Masterclass, staff will be confident to attend any job interview and feel rehearsed and ready to answer any questions without feeling intimidated.

We Also Offer Career Coaching To Further Support Your Staff.

Coaching On Resume Preparation
Many staff lack the skills and awareness to showcase their strengths and need that support, and our coaching services assist in this area. Coaching enables us to take the time with the person and teach at their pace.

Coaching On Response Documents
Many staff lack the skills and awareness of writing a professional response document that impresses any reader, and our coaching services assist in this area.

Coaching On Interview Preparation
Many staff lack the confidence to attend a job interview, and we provide a safe place where they can be coached and practise with our team, which tremendously helps.

We Offer;
- 60 Minute One On One Sessions
- Group Sessions

We Can Support;
- In-Person
- Video Conference
- Phone

For Who?
- We adapt our coaching to suit all levels.

Call Us To Chat About Career Support Services.

Please book a meeting request or call us anytime.

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