2 Mistakes – Digital ROI

Blog for you. 2 Mistakes to Avoid WITH MANAGING DIGITAL ADS. Watch Video https://youtu.be/icFXcILa7qo 2 MISTAKES. # 1 – NOT DELETING NEGATIVITY Don’t encourage to post negativity on your digital Ad. Delete the comments. Check those comments every 20 minutes or so. Be smart and delete the negativity. #2 – NOT TURNING ADS ON AND […]

2 Mistakes – Facebook Ads

Blog for you. 2 Mistakes to Avoid WITH FACEBOOK ADVERTISING. Watch Video https://youtu.be/9d-uP9ZgfOU 2 MISTAKES. # 1 – NOT UNDERSTANDING TARGET MARKETING Who is your customer? Is it a 32-year-old male? Where does he live? Is it in the suburb of Belconnen? Was he recently engaged? Does he like cars? Is he a vegetarian? We […]

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